Why Does Digital TV Keep Losing Signal or Pixelating  (2023)

Why does digital TV keep losing signal?If you enjoy watching programs at your home’s comfort, then losing signal may be one of your worst nightmares.

Or perhaps, you may have experienced ugly picture quality in the middle of a thrilling show.

Below, we will look into the possible reasons why your television loses its reception.

We will also discuss other digital TV problems you may encounter. On top of that, we will show you some quick and easy troubleshooting techniques.

So, let us start without much delay!

Why Does Digital TV Keep Losing Signal: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

It’s frustrating to encounter digital TV signal problems. Aside from losing your TV reception, you may also experience pixilation.

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Not only do these ruins your viewing experience, but they also cause massive headaches.

But there’s no need to fret because there are tons of easy troubleshooting methods.

What Is A Good Signal Strength for Digital TV?

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Digital TVs must have the right signal to noise ratio to give you the best viewing experience.

This term means that you should have enough reception with little to no noise level. Otherwise, you’ll encounter lost TV channels digital.

Although the steps may differ, you can generally check your signal strength on your TV’s settings.

For example, here’s how you can do it on a Samsung TV:

  • Use your remote control and go to the Settings menu
  • Select Support and press Self Diagnosis
  • Click on Signal Information and check your reception
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Generally, digital TVs can have a reception ranging from -75 dBm to -55 dBm. But a level of around -65 dBm may be the best for most television models.

In other instances, some TVs may show the words, Good and Poor instead of these values.

Why Does My Digital TV Keep Losing Signal?

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The primary reason why we have lost TV channels digital is that our television keeps losing its signal.

When this happens, we may see a “No Signal” message on our screens.

But why does this problem occur?

There are many possible causes for this issue. Environmental factors like extreme weather conditions can disrupt your reception.

But even damages to your equipment itself may cause this.

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Let’s look at these typical reasons and how to troubleshoot them below.

Reason 1 – Extreme Weather Conditions

Our first culprit for weak TV signals includes extreme weather conditions. Heavy downpours, strong winds, and snowstorms can misalign your aerial and disrupt your reception.

Unfortunately, the only way to go about this issue is by installing your aerial in the right place.

Make sure that it gets the best reception during these conditions. Aside from this, invest in a robust outdoor aerial.

Reason 2 – Not the right Signal Strength

Most of the time, signal losses are due to weak reception strength. But in other cases, too much signal coming into your television may also be the culprit.

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So, if you’re leaving near a transmitter, you may want to check the following fixing guides.

Weak Reception

The best way to troubleshoot this is by checking your signal strength. If your television shows a weak reception, try replacing your cables and fly leads.

You can also check if you have a misaligned aerial.Installing a masthead amplifiermay also boost your signal.

Too Much Reception

On the other end, too much signal may be better than having no reception at all. Generally, troubleshooting this issue is more straightforward than the former.

Just install a couple of attenuators or a distribution amplifier.

Reason 3 – Presence of Interference within your Area

The third reason on our list is the presence of interference. Whether it be from electrical appliances or tall trees, these objects may disrupt signals coming into your aerial.

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As much as possible, remove all obstacles near your area. Clear any trees or scaffolding around.

If this isn’t possible, try moving your aerial to a new height or location. Even a few inches can make a massive difference to your TV reception.

Reason 4 – Broken Equipment/Accessories

Your equipment tends to function poorly over time. So, if the weather is good and your aerial is in the right position, you may have damaged equipment.

Make sure to examine them regularly. Look for physical damages on your set-top box, cables, and even your television.

Aside from this, check whether your aerial is in good condition after strong winds or rains.

If there are damages to any of your equipment, make sure to get them replaced or repaired immediately. We suggest investing in good-quality coaxial cables and aerials.

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But if you suspect damages to your television or set-top box, contact your manufacturer as soon as possible.

Why Does My TV Keep Pixelating?

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When it comes to digital TV signal problems, pixelation may also occur. If you see tiny squares that reduce your picture’s quality, then you may be encountering this issue.

Pixelation happens when you lose data during transmission because of a poor connection. It’s also an excellent indicator of a weak TV signal.

Sometimes, it may be due to loose cables or splitters.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot this particular issue.

Method 1 – Secure your Coaxial Cables

The most straightforward technique to fix this issue is by securing your cables. Sometimes, loose cords may ruin your data transmission and cause pixelation.

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For this method, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug your power cable and coaxial wires
  • Examine your cords for possible damages. If there are, replace them immediately
  • If your cables do not have damages, plug them back into their respective positions

Method 2 – Reset your Set-top Box

Another way to troubleshoot a pixelated screen is by resetting your set-top box. This method is also an excellent technique if you aren’t getting any reception after a heavy downpour.

Here’s how to properly reset your set-top box:

  • Turn off your television and set-top receiver
  • Remove the power cable and wait for around 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the power cable and wait until your set-top box finishes rebooting
  • Turn on your television and set-top receiver
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Method 3 – Say Goodbye to your Splitter

Passive splitters allow your signals to go into multiple TVs at home. But remember that the more splitters you use, the more reception you’ll lose.

Instead, you can invest in a distribution amplifier. This device will allow you to get back all the signals you’ve lost from your splitter.

Final Thoughts

Digital TVs have transformed the way we live. They allow us to relax while watching our favorite shows at home.

But we all know how frustrating it is to lose reception in the middle of a program. So why does digital TV keep losing signal?

There are many reasons why your television loses its reception. It can be due to bad weather conditions or damaged equipment.

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Sometimes, the presence of interference can also be the culprit. But the best way to troubleshoot your issue is to determine its cause.

With that, you’ll know whether to replace your accessories or reposition your aerial.

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